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Ragbrai Warriors! Begin the Gathering!

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from Chris Doster …

Hey RAGBRAI Warriors,

Here is a link about registration:

RAGBRAI has gone over its capacity the last few years which means there is a lottery to determine whether a registrant can participate or not. As the link I’ve provided explains, the odds are high that someone who registers will be chosen but not guaranteed. This is the first challenge we might face in getting an MKP contingent together. I would say the earlier a person registers the better their chance is. That has been my experience with triathlons anyway.

The way I see it, we will need someone to drive a support vehicle or vehicles carrying all of our stuff. Lodging consists of a tent usually. I have heard that many towns we stay in have people who open their homes up for people to stay in also. There will be more food offered along the route than any man can ever eat so no worries for men there.

The open I-groups will happen!

I am asking for help around gathering sponsors, I am not sure how to go about this.

Training recommendations: Ride your bike as often as you can, as far as you can.

I will put together a document on what men can bring and training recommendations, the document will be a suggested list to make their experience a more pleasant one, but the less they train, the more we can have a good time at their expense! This document could then be used for promoting the event eventually.

Do we have the capability to promote this to all our MKP centers or have them post it to their list? That is when we have a flier and/or something with all the details of what we want to do with this RAGBRAI/MKP deal, what avenues can we use to get the word out?

I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me hear what the rest of you have to say…

With love,

Chris Doster

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