I’m hoping that you’ll help me come up with a definition of purpose.

What is Purpose?

Yes, I started with the dictionary. It wasn’t much help. Pur·pose, a noun: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Sitting down in front of a blank Google Doc to write about purpose, I see that I have taken on a real challenge. There is part of me that wants to call Chris and give him back what he started. There is part of me that is excited by the challenge. And I know I need your help. These emails are a conversation between you and me about being on purpose and living a bold, authentic life.

We’ll figure it out together. I know “purpose” when I see it. I know when I’m on purpose and when I’m not. When I’m not, I feel stuck, trapped, like a fake, meaningless, and disposable. Despite knowing what it’s not, I can’t write down a precise definition that makes sense in the context of our conversation.

Your Definition?

What’s your definition of purpose? Hit reply. Let me know how you define being on purpose, and living a bold and authentic life.

Don’t worry about having all the right words. With what you send me I’ll assemble a definition that reflects our collective wisdom. Then I’ll share it so that we can refine it.

I turned to Planet Purpose Leadership Academy founder Brandon Peele for his help too. Brandon is the author of the soon to be published book, Planet on Purpose so he knows a thing or two about this topic.

Purpose 101

Brandon’s pointed me to Purpose 101 where I distilled this definition of purpose.

A purpose is your unique vision, ideals, and core – who you are at your deepest level without doing anything, that grant you the clarity and confidence to take bold action and be fully expressed.

He also suggested I take the free 21-Day Purpose Challenge to connect more deeply to my purpose and what it means to me. I watched the 21-Day Purpose Challenge video. I’m IN.

Over 2,000 people from 50+ countries have taken the Challenge – 21 daily emails, exercises, and videos that will help you live your purpose in your careers, relationships, and community.

Here’s your opportunity to take action with me. Join me in the Purpose Challenge —> Register Here.

Live a Bold & Authentic Life