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Honoring the LKS International

We’re honoring and celebrating the men of the Lodge Keepers Society International, who are coming from around the world to gather in Rutledge, Georgia. They come to continue the work of maintaining our connection to the below. We are thankful. 

Gratitude. We Honor Our Connections and LKSI

The Lodge Keepers Society International and the work they perform through the Purification & Renewal at the New Warrior Training Adventure reminds us of our connection to all things. We honor the men of the LKSI and how they support us, in so many ways. They do not seek recognition for the work they do. It is time for us to see them, and honor them.

This month’s generosity is focused to honor the Lodge Keepers Society.

For many New Warriors, the purification and renewal (P&R) ceremony at the New Warrior Training Adventure offers a profound awakening. The P&R ceremony is supported across the USA and around the world by a group of men quietly living the giveaway in service to healing men. This is the Lodge Keepers Society International.

LKS men’s jobs are many and are often go unnoticed. Oftentimes their work is done at considerable giveaway of men’s time, energy, and their own personal money.

  • Obtaining the rocks, firewood, and sacred herbs
  • Building and repairing P&R sites and preparing the site for the NWTA
  • Holding the energy of the below through all NWTA activities.
  • Watching for shadow and increasing consciousness of spirit in all circles they attend.
  • Teaching and Mentoring all men wishing to learn the P&R Ceremony.

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Safer Circle and Community Initiative

This edition of the Connection is reminding us about safety agreements on V-Groups and Emails. We each have the responsibility to co-create healthy list-serves, to protect our privacy, and to respect our inboxes.  Learn more about the Safer Circle Initiative here.  Read a recent reminder from MKP USA about our Email List-serve Policies

Featured Volunteer Opportunity

Want to help? Volunteer your time and talent. Featured Volunteer Opportunity: Facebook Giving Champion to support our New Warrior Brothers with Facebook giving campaigns.

Support Services Updates

Information from the MKP USA Support Services Team – from Areas & Circles, Finance, Curriculum,  Marketing, Organizational Development, Equitable Community Initiative, and more. MKPConnect Login Required.

MKP USA Support Meetings

You’re Invited. In a Role and need support? Want to connect with a society or get more involved? Monthly meetings open to New Warriors from across the country. Enrollment, Admins, Finance Coordinators, Community Coordinators and more.

A New Opportunity for Men

The Men’s Work: 3 wk. Course! We have launched a BRAND NEW curriculum for men who have never participated in men’s work before. It’s a 3 week program designed for men looking to make a change and get connected. We’ve now shared the program with 12 groups of 12 men each – with INCREDIBLE results! Learn more about it. 

Celebrating Our Success

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