Tips on Asking

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AKA – How to ask for money.

Step 1 – Attitude = The MOST Important Step
The first step … is getting comfortable with the gift you are about to offer. Do I believe I am begging for money? Do I believe that I am out to “sell” people something they don’t want? Do I believe I’m imposing myself on others with my call?

If I believe these things, I am not going to make effective calls. So how do I change that?
I stop, close my eyes, take a breath. I ask myself What are the three most important things that my NWTA and MKP have done for me? Do I believe in the work that we’re doing? Am I willing to take a risk to help this work go on?

I’m offering men the opportunity to participate in creating good in men’s lives and in the world. In touch with that place in myself, I am ready to make the calls. You are offering an opportunity for a man to share in that value. Whether or not a man participates is about his current needs and desires, not about me – or you.

It’s an important time. Membership contributions to MKP USA are having direct and measurable impacts in our local centers and on MKP USA; on our structure, our professional staffing, our marketing and IT infrastructure, and our consolidation. The next 5 years are incredibly crucial. We need all the help we can get.

Step 2: Initiating the call
Be quick and direct about the reason for your call. It is important to be up front with the reason you are calling. Having an extended conversation before you bring up the purpose of the call may seem misleading or disingenuous to some men. This is important even if you are calling a good friend. If you want to have a social conversation, make it a separate call.

Step 3: Hearing resistance
The men that you are calling are already active in some way in our community. That is why they are getting this call. And even so … some men will certainly have concerns, questions and objections.

A possible way to handle some of what you may hear: FEEL, FELT, FOUND

  • Acknowledge: I know how you feel
  • Empathize: I’ve felt the same way
  • Reframe: I’ve found that … ‘recognizing that claiming membership is as powerful and meaningful as…’ …

Step 4: Making the ask

You told the man why you were calling very early. So don’t hesitate to make the ask. Some men will say no. Many will be ready and happy to give. Ask. “Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with almost 3000 men across the country by supporting MKP USA with a contributing membership today?”

When to call
The best time to call for a professional campaign:

  • Weekdays 6:00pm to 930 pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday 1030am to 500 pm.
  • Retired men: Weekdays 10:00am to 9:30pm.