RISC – Relationship, Intimacy, Sex, Communication
A 7 Week Self-Guided Relationship Course for Couples.


Relationship, Intimacy, Sex, and Communication Course. Co-teachers Christian Pedersen and Sonika Tinker bring over 30 years of experience teaching relationship transformation for men and women. This course combines video and audio workshop formats and engages men and women in a compelling, pragmatic, and inspirational curriculum to create a lasting love and sex breakthrough.

A 7 Week DEEP DIVE into building the relationship you deeply long for. This course covers every aspect of your relationship life and will give you incredible tools for handling the tough stuff and increasing your joy, connection, and intimate DRIVE!


Duration: 7 Weeks
Location: Online Course
Leadership: Certified Leadership


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Open to men and women


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— Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision


Men’s Peer-Facilitated Support Groups

Called “Integration Groups” or “I-Groups”, our circles help men deepen skills for conflict resolution, listening, emotional intelligence, goal achievement, and healthy boundary setting. I-Groups help men find and nurture a healthy, powerful and positive masculinity through the daily transitions of modern life. MKP serves a growing network of nearly 1000 peer support groups meeting weekly or biweekly, serving close to 10,000 men. I-Groups form the heart of our brotherhood, and are frequently open to visitors and guests. Find a men’s group: email our outreach team.

Primary Integration Training (PIT)

The PIT is an 8-10 week or 2 day facilitated curriculum for men who have completed the NWTA to learn and practice a variety of skills for effective I-Group participation. Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Man on Purpose Course – MOP

A 7-week course designed specifically for men to more deeply explore, discover and claim their purpose and move through resistance to transform their lives and take action in the world. Click here to learn more. Get a FREE Purpose Blueprint eBook.

Power of Purpose Expert Series – POP

Discover your purpose. Ignite a new source of creativity & passion. Become a force for good. In 2014 and 2015, the ManKind Project brought together over 3 dozen expert speakers on living a life of Purpose, Insight and Action. This series is available as a digital download and includes audio and video interviews. Click here to get the Power of Purpose.