Unpacking Power, Privilege, and Difference

Embracing Differences for Advocacy and Empowerment

A 6 Week Online Course 

A Deep Dive Into Intercultural Competency

Are you ready to lean into some brave space?  This course is for anyone looking to build intercultural competency skills, gain deeper self-awareness, and
build broader compassion and connection with others. In this online expansion of the original Isms & Issues training, we are setting out to learn a model of
multicultural awareness and to provide a common language and common ground for multicultural dialog and relationships.
We do this so we can have meaningful and heart-felt discourse on a range of important issues including racism, classism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia,
ableism, ageism and more.

What You’ll Get …

  • Context for understanding multicultural work
  • Leaning in to how the “isms” live in our bodies
  • A deep dive into our own identities and how we learn
  • A useful toolkit to have in daily interactions
  • Models for behaviors to be an Ally and Advocate



Duration: 6 Consecutive Weeks
Location: Online Zoom Meetings
Leadership: Approved Leadership
Pre-Requisites: None, Mixed Gender


Register to take the training: CLICK HERE 
Training begins: October 18th, Sunday Nights for 6 weeks 7-10pm Eastern 
PRICE: $195

Contact:  \  832-885-8834