I know that you may completed the New Warrior Training Adventure and be active in the ManKind Project. If so, then you know how excited – joy and fear, I am about leading a New Warrior Training Adventure for the first time this weekend.

Becoming certified to lead these weekends has been a large part of my life and one of the ways I have fulfilled my mission for the past nine years.

Speaking of mission; my mission is to create a world where souls dance by living courageously.

What’s your mission? Hit reply and tell me. I won’t respond till later in the week because I’m at the training.

Vision + Action = Mission. If you are a New Warrior, this formula may look familiar.

If you don’t know much about the ManKind Project, you might be asking, “What’s a New Warrior?” He’s a man who has completed the ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure, www.nwta.mkp.org.

Have a look at this video about the New Warrior Training Adventure.

What Might You Get Out of This?

I don’t know exactly what you will walk away with. Your experience will be unique. You will learn about yourself and how you show up in the world. You will learn about your place in a community of men. You will learn about masculinity and the possibility of creating a new kind of a warrior, a peaceful warrior, to help heal the wounds in our society. You will see men mentor other men, support each other, play together and form a safe, authentic container where men are free to be exactly who they are, without defenses or masks.

It’s likely that when you leave this training, you will have the possibility to love and be loved in a way you have not experienced in a very long time. You’ll have a gift to offer the world, and the energy to share it.

More Information and Links

Here is more information, if you are interested.

NWTA Frequently Asked Questions – https://nwta.mkp.org/nwta-faq

NWTA Training Calendar – https://nwta.mkp.org/training-calendar

How to Register – https://nwta.mkp.org/how-do-i-register

If you have more questions you can hit reply to ask me, or complete the learn more form online at https://nwta.mkp.org/learn-more.

Live a Bold and Authentic Life