Women Want Better Men

Women in the modern world know that they don’t have to settle.

Why should they? There are plenty of men waking up and showing up with power, masculine vulnerability, authentic presence, and magnetic integrity. We think you should be one of them. If you’re a man struggling to figure out what to do to win the love of a good woman … or what to do to become the Man You Want to Be … then listen up.

You haven’t learned some core lessons … because they aren’t taught in our culture. In fact … some of the things you will need to be the Man You Want to Be are even taboo.

You probably have the feeling that it’s going to require more of you to get … and keep … the love and fire you want in your life, and you’re right. The ManKind Project USA would like to help. We offer trainings and groups to start learning what you’ll need to know to capture and build the love you want in your life.

You may need to take some risks. Now might be a good time to start. Sign up for the 12 in 12. It’s 12 short interviews in 12 days about the ManKind Project and the impact of the New Warrior Training Adventure in their lives.

4 Powerful Keys to Becoming the Man You Want to Be.

  1. You’re Going to Have to RISK: Men are taught to take physical risks in our culture. Great. But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about risking your fundamentally held beliefs about what it means to be a man.
  2. You’re Going to Have to FEEL: Despite all that you may have been taught, and all that you’ve held back – you’re going to need to learn how to fully FEEL the natural emotions that all humans feel. This might include some serious pain, and might require some healing. See #1.
  3. You’re Going to Have to BE PRESENT: Becoming a powerful man means learning to inhabit your body, your mind, and your heart, with PRESENCE. How much time do you spend distracted? When was the last time you were 100% focused and present with the person sitting across from you? Cultivating MASCULINE presence is essential to stepping into what you want as a man.
  4. You’re Going to Have to FIND PURPOSE: Men who have a BIG PICTURE view of the world and their lives are magnetic. Purpose-Driven men make things happen, and they are the kind of men that women, and other men, want to be around. Do you know your purpose?

It’s time to step up man. It’s going to take work. You’re ready for it.