World Suicide Prevention Day – September 10

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Suicide Prevention flyer-MKPAfter hearing about suicides of men in MKP USA, I did some research and made a disturbing discovery. Suicide isn’t just a problem in MKP USA, it is a problem for all men. In fact, in comparison to the general population, men in MKP USA suicide much less often. The statistics are alarming, 70% of suicides are men and the demographic with the highest number of suicides is white, educated men between 45-60. This demographic overlays our largest population in MKP USA.

Suicide is very real to those who survive it and those who attempt it or complete it. It can suck the life and energy out of a family, a community or an I-Group. It can also be contagious in that someone who survives another’s suicide may begin to consider it as a good solution. There is a correlation statistically.

The personal growth work we do in MKP USA, living in mission, taking responsibility for things we care about is not the easier, softer way. I have, and most men I know have, experienced the dark night of the soul and have gotten depressed or felt hopeless. Maybe they are addicted to a substance or activity that numbs the pain and it has become unbearable.. When I withhold my feelings, withdraw from loved ones and support and deny that anything is wrong, I could begin to consider ending my life as a solution to my temporary pain. A permanent solution to a temporary problem or situation. It is tragic for all concerned.

In North Texas every Spring we hold the Raymond Poche Memorial Crawfish Boil to honor the life and vibrancy of a man in our community who took his own life. This celebration is to honor his life not his death and all of us that knew him wished that we could have done something to help him Stay Alive. What we can do is keep his memory alive by doing what he loved, being together, cooking, eating and drinking, together.

So what can we do for and with each other to Stay Alive? One thing that occurred to me is that in order to do my work, no matter how hard it is, I have to Stay Alive. I also have reflected on my own history of addiction, confusion and depression and have been filled with joy that I got through it. How I got through it was that someone, often a Recovery or Warrior brother, reached into the self-created abyss I was lost in and asked me how I was doing.

Connection with other people is one of the best interventions for suicidal ideations.

What can I do to honor those I have lost to suicide? Create an event to honor and celebrate those people like we did three years ago in North Texas. We had a candlelight honoring ceremony and a lodge to honor their spirit. The ManKind Project USA encourages communities across MKP USA to engage in and attend walks, events, etc. to bring more public awareness to suicide on Suicide Prevention Day which is Sept. 10 every year.

So I am inviting you to personally, individually, with your I-Group or Community invite men to join or create some Public Awareness Event for Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10. In order to fully live in mission you have to STAY ALIVE!

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As part of our ongoing commitment to suicide prevention, and with the support of a generous donor, MKP USA has purchased a quantity of QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gateway Training enrollments which will be offered FREE to MKP USA Members and at a cost of $14.95 to non-members. We believe that the more people know about how to talk to someone considering suicide, the more lives will be saved. More information coming soon.

If you are interested in receiving the QPR Training – please provide your name and email address.


Julien Devereux
ManKind Project USA Chairman

I create a joyful and compassionate universe by lightly, loving life and exercising my freedom


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