If you’re not friends with Ted, you should be. I love Ted. He’s the most inspiring, passionate, purposeful person I know. Oh, how he stirs my curiosity. I listen for hours. Lost in thought. Learning about topics that range from Activism to Youth. Strangely, his talks don’t extend to subjects that start with Z.

Well, the Ted I’m talking about isn’t a person. I’m talking about TED talks.

Get to Know TED

Online at TED.com, there are more than 2400 TED Talks – short, powerful talks that have the potential to change attitudes, lives and the world. On the go, I listen to the TED podcast; audio from TED Talks and the NPR TED Radio Hour which focuses on a single topic by featuring multiple TED Talks and interviews.

Got a favorite TED Talk? Hit reply and let me know which one.

Conversation, Connection, and Community

TEDx is what has my attention today. TEDx events are local one-day gatherings featuring TED-like talks and TED videos. They carefully planned programs designed to spark ideas, conversation, connection, and community. Organized by volunteers, at a community level, it’s an opportunity to bring inspiring talks to our communities.

Your TED Talk

Hit reply and let me know, what would you talk about if you had 18 minutes to inspire an audience?

I’d talk about fulfillment. How money can buy happiness, but not a meaningful, fulfilling life.

What if?

What if you created a TEDx event in your community? What if you partnered with a few passionate people to share the workload of organizing the event?

How could we use TEDx to bring purpose to life – yours, mine, and people in your community?

Give it some thought. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about organizing a TEDx.

Live a Bold and Authentic Life.