Life Coach Gregory Russell Benedikt returns to the show to discuss Ikigai, a Japanese philosophy that encompasses passion, vocation, profession, and mission, to illuminate the path toward purposeful living. 

We navigate through the complexities of personal fulfillment, societal expectations, and the pervasive “purpose gap” affecting many men today.

We address the notion that passion, purpose, and income must always align perfectly, advocating instead for a more holistic approach to finding meaning in life. 

Through candid anecdotes and expert insights, we uncover the iterative journey of discovering one’s Ikigai and shed light on the toll that a lack of direction can take, particularly among young men.

Moreover, we emphasize the significance of heart-centered connections in both personal and professional spheres, recognizing their pivotal role in fostering growth and fulfillment. By addressing the challenges of the male malaise through the lens of Ikigai, we aim to inspire listeners to embark on their own journey toward purpose and meaningful living.

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