Bill Boal.jpg

Personal Mission:

To foster intergrity and authenticity wherever I am — by striving to be myself and be of service no matter what.

Action in the World:

Bill Boal at 80 inspires his elder community Brothers with his enormous energy, creativity and desire to live in service. He is always creating new ideas and his optimism and faith see him through. His desire for “Elders to Mentor Seniors” was actualized by making appointments to visit senior/ assisted living homes to in NY to conduct sharing circles with the residents. This developed into an outline of a program for others to follow. Recently Bill attended the World Elder Gathering in London where he promoted “Elders mentoring Seniors” and received commitments from a dozen men to implement the program in their communities.


Sadly, Bill missed by so many, is no longer with us.  He passed away two weeks after receiving the award.