Guest post from Nate Dodson

The Bloomington, Indiana Community in the Heartland Area was presented with the Bill Kauth Excellence in Community Award as the Developing Community of the year for 2018.

It was a joy to be there to hear Dan Baldwin’s powerful words and appreciation for our community, and for me it was also a little bittersweet receiving the award without our 2018 community coordinator Josh Egenolf there to witness and hold it as well.

I remember many fears expressed (and my own harbored) over the split of the Bloomington I-Group in 2018, and I remember Josh stepping up and passionately sharing his vision of expansion – of a community where an I-Group meets every night of the week. I was really moved by that expression, and now I see that vision unfolding as both Bloomington I-Groups thrive and collaborate in harmony.

No doubt this award has resulted from the efforts of ALL of us men, but this morning in particular, I’m called to raise my glass (of luke-warm yerba mate) in honoring Josh for his tremendous leadership during the year we received this award.

Here are some of the achievements from Bloomington: