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The men of MKP Mexico are taking action to support relief efforts after the devastating earthquake near Mexico City that has already claimed over 200 lives.

Carlos Legaspy, on behalf of the MKP Mexico Board, sent a note out last night inviting contributions through a PayPal account tied to a bank account in Mexico. All funds collected through the account will be donated to organizations on the ground in Mexico, especially harnessing the power of available matching funds being offered by some foundations in the country.

If you are called to support you can do it via PayPal to mkpmexico1@gmail.comThe account can receive any major currency, please remit as money to friends and family.

Men across the project were also saddened to learn a Warrior Brother in Mexico is among the casualties of this tragedy. Rafael Camargo (animal name Tortuga Feliz) was killed in a building collapse. The men in the community are heartbroken over this loss.  Rafael initiated in San Diego and has been an active and vital part of the growth in Mexico. 

We send our deepest condolences to all affected by the tragedy in Mexico.

UPDATE: Sept 21 – from Carlos Legaspy


In the middle of our sadness I would like to share some light. In context we teach the men that with our missions of service each man can make a difference in the world.

I am immensely proud of all the men of MKP Mexico. They dove into service, supporting each other and the community at large as true leaders, literally moving mountains.

These are pictures of Rafael’s funeral, you can see a drawing of his animal name “Tortuga Feliz (Happy Turtle)” and the pieces of paper are the men’s missions handwritten.

Changing the world one man at a time.


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