Get ready to challenge the norms! With Christiana Scott, the founder of Real Food Littles, we’ll tackle the societal pressure dads face as primary caretakers and illuminate the crucial role fathers play in your child’s nutrition journey.

Christiana Scott is a health-focused personal chef, nutritional therapy practitioner, passionate supporter of baby-led weaning, and mom of two twin boys.

Here’s what we have for you in today’s episode:

 Discover the importance of fluidity in parenting dynamics and why feeding your baby, from the six-month mark to 18 years, amounts to over 18,000 meals that should be a shared responsibility.

Mealtimes are more than just about food. It’s about being present, engaged, and creating a nurturing environment. Hear firsthand from Christiana about the challenges and rewards of feeding her twins, the power of storytelling at the dinner table, and how it builds emotional intelligence in children.

You’ll also learn the shocking statistic that many children in public schools only get a mere 35 minutes of contact time with their parents daily and why changing this trend is imperative.

Finally, we reminisce about the joys of family dinners and their immense benefits to parents and children.

Christiana and I reveal our personal experiences and the impact our own childhood meals had on our desire to create a regular family dinner routine.

We’ll even explore how these meals serve as a powerful tool for creating emotional stability and connection.

Despite the hustle and bustle of life, we’ll share insights on making time for these precious family moments, setting the stage for lasting traditions. So, tune in for an enlightening discussion that could redefine your family’s mealtime dynamics. Enjoy the show!

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