Hering-shackley-ArizonaPersonal Mission:

To create a world where all people are conscious,empowered,and blessed by being present each and every moment of my life.

Action in the World:

Hospice- have been with the organization for three years seeing individuals who have six months or less to live by evaluations of a medical team. My focus is to determine how they would like to use the time together. Some have no interest in talking about their condition, Some enjoy sitting in the same space saying little or nothing. A few have some challenging questions of “what is next” and want to explore their thoughts and feelings about the after life.

I also work in the inner city of Phoenix with the homeless population between 9-12 hours a month serving meals and counseling with individual needs. The Andre House, a catholic organization, who provides meals 6 days a week, clothing, showers, blankets, and other services. We serve between 600-to 750 meals in the evening time most days. The population consists of those just out of drug and alcohol centers, released from corrections, or those who choose to live on the streets of Phoenix.

I am mentoring eleven men, many of which are in MKP who are aspiring to become more integrated in their personal journey. Several hours a week are spent in conversations with these men in developing and discussing current and on going goals.