Dick GranoffPersonal Mission:

I cultivate inner peace within myself and others by watering the seeds of love, compassion, joy and gratitude that are in us all.

Action in the World:

“Since retiring and returning to the Los Angeles area in 2006, Dick has been touching the lives of others through a variety of volunteer endeavors.  These include:

  •   Mentoring college and high school students
  •   Hosting and facilitating a weekly spirituality book-study and sharing circle
  •   Facilitating discussions following weekly video presentations at a local Senior Center
  •   Answering calls on the Community Help Line
  •   Serving on his church Pastoral Care Team
  •   Chairing the church Hall Improvement Task Force and Communications Committee
  •   Creating and hosting a bi-monthly church Men’s Covenant Group
  •   Responding to over 750 advice seeking letters for the Elder Wisdom Circle as well as serving on the EWC Membership Committee and       Chairing the Buddy Team

In addition to this service in the world, Dick actively served three years on the MKPLA Community Council…one year as Elder Community Chair and two years as Center Director.