Greetings Brothers and Friends,

We are writing to connect with you. We are aware that some of you have been waiting for news on MKP USA’s intentional efforts to systematically create equitable community within the Project. Others of you have no idea what we are talking about. The purpose of this letter to introduce the Initiative, to begin to provide some answers to your questions and to give you a link to learn more.

In short summary, the Equitable Community Initiative (ECI) is a planned and comprehensive set of actions designed to create a fair and inclusive environment for all men, women and children who interact with our community. A small planning group has overseen the formation of a more diverse ECI Launch Team and the beginnings of a written Plan to outline the people and the activities that will help us realize our intention. The ECI Launch Team is listed below.

This is a temporary group who are in the process of vetting the written Plan and creating the launch ramp for its implementation during the first year. They are also accountable for the right formation of the more permanent ECI Circle, a larger group with more accountabilities.

The ECI Circle will be the hub of information and activities for the Initiative. It will come into being in 2017. It will continue to gather information from all those interested in building Equitable Community. There will be a place for everyone who wants to be involved, and it will be the responsibility of the ECI Circle to ensure all activities are purposeful and accountable to the principles and aims of the vetted Initiative.

A written Plan for the Equitable Community Initiative will contain much of the initial guidance for the ECI Circle. Excerpts from a draft version of this developing Plan are available to you through the link below. It is a representation of initial thoughts from the planning group and the Launch Team about what will be required to succeed at the Initiative. See the Table of Contents for the range of topics that will be included in the Plan.
Some of the questions the Plan speaks to are

+ What are the assumptions behind the Initiative?
+ What is the meaning of the terms that are being used?
+ Who will be the players be in this Initiative?
+ What are their respective objectives and accountabilities?
+ What levels of strategic action does the Initiative employ?
+ How will we know we have succeeded?
For more information, please feel free to view the developing Plan, click here.

And you can share any thoughts about what your are reading, click here.

Again, everyone is welcome to participate in this grand adventure. Bring your openness to embrace and represent the uniqueness of the collectives of which you are a member. This is a lifelong journey and demonstrable progress and success is available to us when we work together.

Thanks for your continued interest and support,

The Equitable Community Initiative Launch Team
Jose Mondelo NY Metro Lead-Equitable Community, MKP USA Chair, Emerging Americas Chair
Ernest Patterson South Central Leader
Greg Gondron South Central Leader
Carol Herrera Pine Ridge, SD Lakota Alliance
Steve Harper Los Angeles Co-Leader
Barb Rath Indianapolis I & I Presenter
Morgan Toane Toronto, Canada Young Warrior Council, CLC
Julien Devereux South Central MKP USA Immediate Past Chair
Dan Baldwin Wisconsin Lead-Circle Support
Thomas Griggs Greater Carolinas Co-Founder Greater Carolinas, Consultant