Fund the Plan – 2011 Consolidation and Expansion Progress

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Exact figures available in the table below.

Fund the Plan!

We’ve reached our $400,000 goal. Amazing. The effort of many men and women across the USA and around the world. If you still wish to get your name on the list … to let the future generations know you were here, give now. Any person can participate in the effort through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal Account to use this – any credit card is good!

MKP Center

In 2009 and 2010 we got the prognosis; something needs to change in MKP-USA, we are facing an existential crisis.

David Kaar expresses it in characteristically blunt prose – “Grow up, or Die.”

The fact is that we can’t find a single organization like the ManKind Project (radically decentralized, volunteer based, redundant organizational layout, complex decision-making structure, minimal professional support, tuition based funding, decentralized core business processes) that has survived past the first generation. We are standing at that precipice, right now.

We are failing in many parts of the USA to live out the vision of a better world that we each glimpsed on our training. Changing the world, one man at a time.

We know MKP has created something special, many would say magical.
We want to see it continue for the generations to come, for our children and grandchildren.
We know that in order to do this we need to shift our operational and economical model to something that will serve us into the future.

We recognize that the core functional group of the ManKind Project USA is the Men’s Circle – the IGroup – and in order to thrive we have to rebuild the way we relate to and harness the power of our membership – the men who sit in IGroups.

‘Fund the Plan’ is about restructuring the ManKind Project USA into a workable, functional and scalable organization that supports men in circles and provides a dynamic curriculum to help men improve their lives, strengthen their communities and positively impact our world through missions of service.

Read the Fund the Plan Donor Prospectus here.

Below you will find the itemized pledged contributions from centers across the United States toward restructuring and a total amount pledged from individual donations. Read the Fund the Plan Donor Prospectus.