MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews Alan Kay who is the Co-Creator of the Better Dads Festival and Content Curator for the Intercultural Train Station.

Alan shares how his experience with MKP inspired him to co-create the Better Dads Festival in Asheville, NC as a way to expand the positive impact of MKP trainings. These events emphasized inclusion, diversity and about bringing community together around the work that men can do.

He also shares how much of the men’s work he is currently involved with now focuses on inclusion and welcoming of diversity of all kinds.

“I got into a car with a bunch of strangers and did my weekend in Reidsville, NC and damn, it changed my life!”

“Diving deeper was very exciting for me, having tools to use was very exciting for me.”

“One of the biggest lessons in all this is that you can dream anything and make it happen.”

“I freely admit there are certain people with disabilities that I have fear around. That I don’t know how to communicate with them, I don’t know how to connect with them, and on this weekend we just took the time to make that happen.”


“When I look at just my own family, I see the healing that has taken place for me and for members of my family.”