MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews MKP USA Communications Director Boysen Hodgson on how MKP and its work is now being highlighted in the major media such as NY TImes, Netflix, Men’s Journal etc.

Because of this extensive media coverage MKP is now in a position to invite select journalists to men’s circles around the country to experience for themselves the dynamics and power of men’s groups within a vulnerable and authentic setting.

However, while the media is open to sharing stories of the importance of men’s vulnerability and authenticity, many are still stuck in old stereotypes of stoicism and ‘tough-guy’ image when giving a context around those stories.

“I’m an advocate for transparency for MKP.”

“The more that we can say ‘Yeah, we’re an open book. Come in, sit down, let us show you and get the experience of being with men who are in their vulnerable emotions, who are in their authenticity, who are being accountable for their lives.’ I think that is what is opening the possibilities for us. Saying ‘Here we are.’”

“We still have a ways to go in terms of let’s see a guy on the front of Men’s Journal crying, a real man crying.”