MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews MKP USA Elder Bruce Anderson on MKP Elderhood.

Bruce talks about the wisdom and freedom from expectations and projections of others that comes with Elderhood, if you do the work.

He also talks about the many men’s work projects he is directly involved in such as the Annual Fall Gathering of Men, the Texas Elders and the Saturday Morning Men’s Cafe.

“When you move into Elderhood it a much more of a grounded, centered way of being.”

“That’s where the transition is, having the ability to lead people without having authority.”

“If we’ve done our work we can release that ego attachment. We’re not dependent upon the positive regard of other people, we’re not looking to other people for approval, we are just being who we are. We don’t accept other people’s projections on us either negative or positive. I think that is part of the Elder maturity.”