MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews Carmil Surritt who is the MKP USA Curriculum Lead, Core Mapping Coach.

Carmil shares how he was drawn to MKP and then became deeply involved and ended up as the lead for the curriculum committee which is tasked with standardizing the terms, values and messaging in existing trainings. They also look to adding additional trainings developed internally and externally to fill in gaps towards helping men in their growth. 

In particular, one of the newest offerings is the online live “The Men’s Work” trainings that give men from over 40  different countries to see and share with other men, where 16% – 20% of attendees go to the NWTA.

“They [NWTA staffers] were real, they were supportive, they were authentic, they were vulnerable and they were serving from a really deep place.”

“Men being able to see other men and feel safe enough to share what’s going for them as men online get a taste for it, it’s something they’ve been looking for.” 

“It’s being courageous enough to showup, having no idea that it’s going to be a good experience or bad experience.”