MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews David Kaar who is ManKind Project Past Chair, Leader Trainer and Creator of the Dragon Training.

David shares how he got started with MKP in 1988 and was New Warrior #250. It was a powerfully transformative process that allowed him to get in touch and be okay with his feelings for the first time. He also shares that the weekend was a powerful affirmation that he was okay the way he was.

He also shared his how and to what extent he became deeply involved with MKP as a Leader, Leader Trainer and eventually a Chair. He also provides his vision for where he thinks MKP will go and what needs to be done to get there.

“It was the whole experience of being vulnerable, telling the truth and being affirmed for that rather than shamed for that.”

“The experience I got was of sharing something I was ashamed of and was afraid I would be reviled for and instead was being blessed for the courage to share it.” 

“The whole process of the weekend constantly reinforced that I was okay the way I was .”

“This work is an antidote to shame.”