MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews ManKind Project Past Chair Ed Gurowitz on he got involved with the ManKind Project at the age of 71 via the Warrior Weekend and how that grew into his leadership involvement from that point on.

He shares how one of the primary challenges of leadership is balancing the needs of the organization (MKP) with the needs of the many and the few, down to the individual level including the leaders themselves.

He also goes on to describe the powerful influence of being a Past Chair can have on the organization and individuals within it.

“I was really knocked out by the quality of the weekend and the impact of the weekend even against other work I had done or even an accumulative lifetime of work, I saw stuff I had never seen before.”

“I had really never hung around with men very much. The relationships with men were largely competitive even when they were friendly they were competitive and it opened up the possibility of relating to men in a whole different way.”

“I’ve always been somebody who jumps in with two feet, I’ve always been a leader.”

“If being an organizational leader calls to you, there is a million dollars of living your mission waiting for you.”

“The Chair is somebody who will remember who you are when you forget.”