MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews Josh Walsman, I-Group Steering Committee Member.

Josh shares how a deep personal loss initiated a process that led to the NWTA and ultimately his involvement as an I-Group Steering Committee Member. He also shares how his involvement in weekly I-Groups have powerfully impacted his life as a father, husband and the way he shows up as a man.

“In 2004 my second child was still born and there were 20 minutes when I did know if my wife would live or die.”

“I didn’t know what to do with that part of me that I didn’t want to acknowledge or to have.”

“The power of that container and the healing that I got, changed my life forever.”

“The miracle that happened for me inside the purification and renewal ceremony was a physical release of the grief.”

“The first thing that comes up for me over this long trajectory is just the incredible value of a weekly I-Group.”