MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson interviews Rich Tosi who is the ManKind Project Co-Founder and Co-Creator of the New Warrior Training Adventure.

Rich shares how he went from being emotionally “locked-up” to allowing himself to feel a full range of emotions. Having experienced that transformation he started working with Ron Hering and Bill Kauth to create the genesis of what is now known as the New Warrior Training Adventure in 1985.

“I had been in the Marine Corps and an engineer for General Motors and emotions and anything interior was not anything I wanted anything to do with.”

“The most they were able to get me to do emotionally was to do jumping jacks while saying the word ‘chocolate’ and maybe smiling a little. That was my introduction to inner emotional work.”

“It was opening up my heart.”

“In September [of 1984] we sat together and said in January 1985 we are going to hold a training for men. Had no idea were it was going to be, had no idea what the content would be but we were determined.”

“To be emotionally honest turned out to be how we were able to get the work done and that showed up in the training big time.”

“The credit that I feel appropriate for me is not so much a creating but in nurturing something that somehow already existed.”