from Deb Mauger, Finance Director

Many New Warriors, especially those who are generously working as Area Finance Coordinators (AFCs), have had the pleasure of working with Trevor Day, Finance Manager for MKP USA. You may not know this, but Trevor has already been working with MKP USA for almost 2 years, first when he was with Ignitespot, and since June 2015 as a full time team member.   

Trevor brings many needed skills and abilities to the ManKind Project. He has deep background in accounting and business administration, and in addition to working more than full time for MKP USA, Trevor is in grad school in order to earn his Master’s Degree in Accounting. His knowledge and training in accounting, as well as his expertise with the many technical applications and databases used by MKP, allow the Finance Team to be of service to the men of the ManKind Project.  

Trevor is also our in-house expert on QuickBooks.  He responds to the many requests we receive about how to use QuickBooks, how to find reports and transactions, and how to best get the information AFCs need to be of service to their communities.  He supports the work of all us in support services.

Trevor is highly productive.  An average day can include responding to over 100 emails, instant messages, and urgent requests. When we made the transition between Finance Directors, Trevor alone managed nearly all of the responsibilities of the finance area.  

As the Finance Team moves forward in catching up and responding to the day to day demands of our responsibilities, Trevor will have the opportunity to really shine as we identify and develop new processes and procedures to improve the service we provide.  It is a privilege for me to work with a young man who clearly has a bright future in finance.

As good as this all is, it’s not just responding to the day to day requirements of the job that make me value Trevor:  it is his overall decency and care in being of service.  He is deeply committed to providing timely and helpful advice and support.  And, he understands the soul of the work of the men as well as the mission of MKP.

When not working for MKP, Trevor is a basketball fan of the University of Utah Utes and the Utah Jazz.  He does not have enough time to get out and play as much golf as he would like, but he is able to devote some time to his canine companion, Yofi.  He also enjoys time spent with family and friends.

I am honored to be a colleague of Trevor’s. In a short time I have come to respect, admire and appreciate all that he brings to MKP.  Plus, he has a wonderful sense of humor.  He truly embodies what it means to be a warrior.

Deb Mauger

MKP USA Finance Director