IT Chat with John …
The past couple of month we’ve been really busy developing and releasing some of our new websites,,, and  I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about each of these products and what they can do for you. will go live on June 15th.
I’m so excited about it, I want to tell you about it first.  How many of you have had problems with downloading files from our website? Don’t be shy, you are safe here.  Well, I believe that will be the solution to those problems.  One of the major problems we are having with the old system is that everyone had to log in to the system individually with their own username and password.  The system wasn’t very good at that, and consequently a lot of men had problems getting access to it.  I looked at this problem and decided that we did not need to have individual logins to the system.  The new system will have a general login for everyone to use. All of the files, except some of the leader trainer and staff files, are open to any initiated man. Groups that have restricted files (2 at the moment) will have a group login to use.  As an extra bonus, the files on the new system have been reorganized so that the files that are downloaded most often will be very easy to get to. gives our centers a simple and fast way to make payments to MKP USA. It features a custom login for each Center, and a secure platform for payments. is a site dedicated to the New Warrior Training Adventure. It’s also available through  It’s a vast jump into the future for MKP USA. In the past when a man registered for the weekend, notifications were manually made to the various coordinators in each center.  With the new system, notifications are automatically sent to the correct person, saving time and eliminating human error.

Next month, I will be previewing our new major system, Welcome / Connect / Serve, which will be the unified system which will replace the Center Administration Application (CAA), the New Warrior Circle, and the Mailman system.

In service,


John Bacon
MKPUSA IT Director
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