I believe we are a Light. I believe we are a beacon of hope and transformation. ~Vince Chafin
We are the world’s preeminent emotional literacy training organization for men. We provide the support, mentorship and inspiration men need to lead lives of Purpose,  Mission and Greatness. In 30 years we’ve touched the lives of 57,343 men, and that ripples out to 57,343 families; partners, wives, husbands, children, parents, employees, businesses and communities. The lasting effects of one man’s transformation, of one man’s awakening can last a Millennium. Can you imagine the impact 57,343 men of Purpose have in the world?
Grief and sadness are the appropriate responses to this tragedy. Let us feel our sorrow, our helplessness, our grief and our anger. Let our tears be the wellspring that reflects our brilliance. Let the ripples in the pool of our grief shine a light for everyone to see. Let this light steal our resolve to stand for something greater.  To not falter in the face of tyranny and hatred or to the ignorance of sexism and racism. Let us not give in to the knee jerk reaction condemns a religion or race of people for one man’s actions.
Instead, Let us stand stronger in our Truth and our belief that we as a group and as individuals can change the world. That the men of the ManKind Project stand for a Noble Truth and a Vision that is unshakable. That MKP USA creates a world where men act on their individual and shared responsibility for the future of humanity by initiating and supporting men on a path of emotional maturity, spiritual awareness and deepening community. Let us show the world we are there for each other, our families and our Communities.
For we are brilliant! We are a light of hope. We are a light of transformation, of strength and of honor. We are men who make a difference. We are men who shine a light of love for the world to see.
Let us Light the way….
Vince Chafin
MKPUSA I-Group Steering Committee
IGFT Instructor