The “ManKind Podcast” is launching on Buzzsprout, Spotify, and iTunes (later this week). Produced by the ManKind Project USA, Hosted by New Warrior Brandon Clift! We are starting with three episodes … and the incredible news is that we already have dozens of episodes recorded, and a long list of guests in the works.


Bottom Line: Help create a buzz by listening, sharing, and reviewing!

Our first three episodes are with men who might be familiar …

  • Episode #1 is with Bill Kauth and Rich Tosi, co-creators of the New Warrior Training Adventure and co-founders of the ManKind Project. Take a walk through the origins and inspiration for MKP.
  • Episode #2 is with Michael Bonahan, an NWTA Co-Leader, and a Board Chair of Boys to Men USA. Michael and Brandon dive into building and living a life of mission and purpose.
  • Episode #3 is with Dene Maria Sebastiana, a New Warrior Training Adventure Full Leader Emeritus and a man with over 30 years of history in men’s work. Dene and Brandon talk about the essential practice of emotional intelligence.

Within the next couple weeks, we’ll add episodes 4-10 … and we’ll keep going from there. We’ll add one or two new episodes a week, with some well-known figures and some very special but maybe not as well known people.

We’re not live on iTunes yet, but we will be soon! Keep an eye on the space so you can help us boost and get positive reviews.

The ManKind Podcast is LIVE!!! Without a doubt, this day has been one of the most suspenseful days of my professional...

Posted by Brandon Clift on Monday, March 1, 2021

A little background …

For over 2 years, the ManKind Project has been hosting empowering Facebook live conversations about men’s work, emotions, motivation, leadership, archetypes, the hero’s journey, connection, fatherhood, and so much more.

What started out as “Men’s Work Live” on our Facebook page in 2018 evolved and changed over time, welcoming guests and covering a broad spectrum of topics. It served a powerful role in helping more men and women understand who we are and what we’re about in MKP.

Then in early 2019, Brandon Clift, an Aussie born transplant to the USA with deep family roots in Tennessee, came onto the scene with vision, passion, and time to help relaunch the live video series.

“Masks Off Monday” was born! It continued the tradition of hosting powerful conversations with people from within the MKP community and beyond. Brandon asked guests to take off the ‘masks’ and get real – and he went with them every step. These videos on the MKP Facebook page have garnered over 1.6 million views and 75 thousand interactions!

The idea of turning the videos into a podcast popped up repeatedly. And now is the time. Brandon continues to bring his passion and infinite curiosity to his conversations, and we’re very excited to keep expanding the field!

A vision for the future …

We’re inspired by a number of other podcasts we’ve been tracking. We also know there are MANY New Warriors engaged in the Podcasting world, and many men with inspiring perspectives on men’s work and men’s lives. Our plan with the ManKind Podcast is to bring other voices to ‘take the mic’ for even more conversations that align with the ManKind Project’s values and mission. We’ll have guest hosts from across the globe.

Send us your ideas …

Do you know someone who you’d love to hear from on the ManKind Podcast? Let us know. And please, subscribe to the podcast, and rate the episodes!

Thank you,

Brandon Clift –
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PS! Special THANK YOU to Jim Donovan and the Sun King Warriors for the permission to use their music on our podcast