The dating information site “Dating News” did a feature on the ManKind Project “The ManKind Project Creates a Healthy Peer Culture for Men & Empowers Them to Create Fulfilling Relationships,” discussing the role of men’s work in helping men develop healthier relationships and more integrated lives.

Not all fraternities are part of the problem, though.The ManKind Project has established a global brotherhood of nonprofit organizations in support of a new generation of self-aware and emotionally intelligent men.

The story, by Amber Brooks, highlights the both the history of the ManKind Project and its role in helping men live more fulfilling lives through our men’s groups and intensive programs. Brooks pulls a number of testimonials from MKP men in the process of talking about how the work of building a healthy peer-culture for men can help any man build the kind of relationships he wants to have.

“Everyone challenges each other and has deep, authentic conversations,” Aaron Frazin said. “Going through that made me realize that we’re so much more alike than different. I came out of that feeling incredibly connected with the world.”

Thanks to the Dating News for this write-up.