In May 2018, producers from Buzzfeed Media reached out to the ManKind Project to be part of a new series called ‘Follow This.’ The series includes a wide range of topics, from ASMR videos, to African American Survivalism, from Safe Injection Sites for opioid addicts, to Men’s Rights.

A group of intrepid adventures from Metro NY Tri State, New England, and Philadelphia came together with a camera crew and reporter, Scaachi Koul, from Buzzfeed to talk about – and to do – men’s work together.

Full Episode on Netflix. [MKP section starts at 13:35]

After confronting some of the uglier aspects of the MRA movement, talking about the terrorist act perpetrated by a man who claimed an identity as an ‘Incel’ (involuntary celibate) in Toronto, and exploring a domestic violence shelter for men in Texas, the ManKind Project is presented as a program for men to look at the structural understanding of manhood and to create the possibility for a better future for all of us. We stand for healthy and emotionally mature masculinity. We love and believe in men. We’re an organization of men that acknowledge the very real challenges that men face, who take responsibility for our own pain and the harm we cause, and who are living missions of service to make a positive difference. 

The ManKind Project sponsors the #iamresponsible campaign, committing ourselves to creating a culture of accountable, compassionate, powerful, and purpose-driven men who will help heal some of our society’s deepest wounds. 

As Eka Darville says in the video, 

“What we’re doing is empowering men to be the best version of themselves for society, for the women in their lives, for the children in their lives, and most importantly for themselves.” 

Full Segment

Shareable Segment – 45 Second Clip

THANK YOU to those New Warriors who put themselves out there to show the work we’re doing. 

Paul Newell, Rich Kiamco, Mark Greene, Jon Levitt, Andrew Cummings, David Katz, Joshua Rasp, Michael Bilkis, Richard Slade, Austin Vryhof, George Sachs, Kyle Hoffman, Scott Fried, Hugo Sanchez, Kenny Torres, Eric Jukelevics, and special thanks to Eka Darville, who took time after spending the previous 24 hours shooting a film in NYC to join us and be interviewed.

Please share and spread the word.

In service, 
Boysen Hodgson
MKP USA Communications & Marketing Director