EPISODE #37: BLACK LIVES MATTER – How did we get here?

With Paul Newell (Metro NY Tri State Weekend Administrator for the NWTA Men of Color Weekend) and Bharataji (New Warrior Training Adventure Full Leader, ManKind Project Chicago). Brandon Clift hands the mic to two black men from MKP bringing it all to the table. What happened? How did we get here? Where do we go from here? We also have a surprise gues from Oakland, CA – Ashanti Branch!

Listen in as these men dig for meaning in this difficult time, and offer wisdom for a path forward for all of us.

“It came down to the fact that if it wasn’t being recorded, it didn’t happen. It’s not like this is new.” ~Bharataji

“If people of privilege start to check in as much as black people do, I think we’ll start to get a better connection.” ~ Paul

Masks Off Monday is a weekly live video Podcast sponsored by the ManKind Project USA, bringing men from across the USA and around the world to talk about issues and topics important to men. Masks Off Monday’s regular host is Brandon Clift, an Australian transplant to the United States who is part of a multi-generational New Warrior family. Brandon is a health and life-style coach focused on bringing mental, physical, and emotional health to anyone ready to do the work.

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