NPR station WHYY in Philadelphia recently aired a story called “Where’s Masculinity Headed? Men’s Groups And Therapists Are Talking.” It was broadcast on May 18 as part of Weekend Edition programming. The article focused on a small men’s group in Philly called the Masculinity Action Project that is looking at manhood and masculinity in a way that will resonate for many MKP men.

In the article, Toby Fraser, one of the Masculinity Action Project’s leaders said, “Rather than just saying, ‘Hey, we’re a group of dudes bonding over how great it is to be dudes,’ ” Fraser says, “it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re a group of people who have been taught similar things that don’t work for us and we see not working or we hear not working for the people around us. How can we support each other to make it different?’ “

The mention of the ManKind Project came in the context of the growing movement of men in the world seeking men’s work and MKP’s demographic evolution.

“Today, the global nonprofit ManKind Project says it has close to 10,000 members in 21 nations, is ethnically and socioeconomically diverse and aims to draw men of all ages. We strive to be increasingly inclusive and affirming of cultural differences, especially with respect to color, class, sexual orientation, faith, age, ability, ethnicity, and nationality,” the group’s website says.

This kind of positive mention of the ManKind Project as a leader in the evolving men’s movement is becoming more frequent. And it is having an impact. We are part of a growing number of organizations changing the culture; creating space for a healthier and expanded understanding of manhood. We’re creating practice space for the next generations of men and the transformation of masculinity. And the more we show up: real, powerful, vulnerable, courageous, and caring, the more impact we will have.

Requests for referrals and information continue to increase over time, leading to more enrollment in the New Warrior Training Adventure and more men in men’s groups. If you receive an inquiry or know a journalist who might be interested to learn more about  us – please share the MKP USA Press Kit as a starting place and forward relevant information to me, Boysen Hodgson, I’m ready and excited to speak with anyone about the work we’re doing.