#NewWarriors Brett Harmeling and Martin Lassoff rescued dozens of people stranded after Hurricane Harvey using Harmeling’s customized Jeep. Their efforts started when Brett received a call from a friend who awoke to find knee deep water at his bedside. He jumped in his customized 2015 Jeep Wrangler, with 4 feet of clearance, and drove over to save him. When he arrived in his friend’s flooded neighborhood he witnessed over 100 people stranded and in desperate need of relief. He then shifted into what he described as “modern day warrior mode.” His own apartment was fine so he went on social media and through friends encouraged people to reach out to him if they need rescuing.

Brett says that MKP gave him the tools to step through his fears and live into his mission. He staffed several  New Warrior Training Adventures with Martin Lassoff. Martin is a leader of New Warrior Training Adventures who has participated in over 200 trainings. Because of Martin’s professional work he serves as a Deputy County Attorney in Houston. Martin was able to get Brett special access to help stranded residents and accompanied him on his rescue missions.

Brett and Martin rescued 56 residents almost all strangers. In addition, Mr. Hameling collaborated with owners of similar vehicles to collectively rescue over 300 people.

Brett received wide coverage for his heroism – including a number of local write-ups and news stories. The video below is from FOX 6 Houston.

There was another News Station (WFAA ABC Channel 8) that found a way to send Brett on a Yoga retreat as a give-back for his service.