MKP USA supports the peaceful transition of power for our elected officials.

~ The ManKind Project USA 2021 Board

MKP USA Values in Action

January 21, 2021

MKP USA supports the peaceful transition of power for our elected officials.

First, we acknowledge the historic significance of Vice President Kamala Harris being the first Woman, first Black American, and first South Asian American Vice President. 

We also acknowledge the divisions and conflict that have led to violence in the United States, including the violence at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

We support nonviolent social action. It is not accidental that the men named in the New Warrior Training Adventure context presentation are Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Harvey Milk. 

We support healing. Our mission calls for men to act on our individual and collective responsibility for the future of humanity. For that future to be more peaceful, more equitable, and more just, it is incumbent on each of us to heal the wounds of the past, as individuals and as a society across the many polarities of the social, cultural, and political spectrum.  

The ManKind Project is an organization built on values. 

  • Accountability
  • Authenticity
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Integrity
  • Intercultural Competency
  • Leadership
  • Respect

These values inform ‘What We Practice and Why’ from the website … 

Personal Responsibility – Because we value integrity and accountability … we take 100% responsibility for our feelings, and we own the impacts – both positive and negative – of our choices and actions.

Emotional Authenticity – Because we believe in honesty and wholeness … we practice emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Empowered Mission – Because we value generosity, service, and connection to spirit … we explore and live from our deepest purpose.

Supportive Community – Because we care for ourselves and the generations to come … we create a place for men from all walks of life to learn and teach in a safe, respectful, challenging, and inclusive peer-network.

Leadership Mastery – Because we believe that role models change lives … we practice highly principled personal, interpersonal, and group leadership.

We honor everyone in the ManKind Project striving each day to embody our values through commitment to our personal missions and positive action.

We continue to commit to practicing and modeling a new way of being for men in the world.

The ManKind Project USA Board

Bryan Harold
Ed Gurowitz

Jon Levitt
Representative to the International Circle of Brother Regions

Darryl Hansome
Chair Elect
Neal Gritz

Deborah Mauger
Chief Financial Officer

Paul Samuelson
Immediate Past Chair
Rich Tosi
Founding President

Richard Torres
Charity Compliance Officer


Bill Kauth