Robert J BergerPersonal Mission:

To create a safe and joyful world by helping men, women and children see the brilliance in their souls by blessing and honoring their gold.

Action in the World:

Bob has been active in the Central Plains Center since his initial NWTA with 30 plus staffings and several other trainings and Elder gatherings. He serves as Ritual Elder or the Medic a couple of times a year on NWTA weekends. He is on an Iowa Registered Nurses board that deals with alcohol and drug addictions, He is active with several boards and committees in the local recovery community and has sponsored many men dealing with their addictions. He has been a mentor in the Boys to Men program. He has been involved with Native Americans at the Pine Ridge Reservation. He has sponsored clothing donations and he has delivered the donations to the reservation. He also set up a fund raising event to replace a truck one of the men lost in a fire. He is also involved in his Church and his community in many ways