Structuring for Sustainability

the coming generations of boys thank you.

Over the last 25 years we have directly served over 45,000 men at our flagship training, the New Warrior Training Adventure. These men have had a life-altering 48 hour opportunity to deeply examine their lives, heal old wounds, and make bold new choices about what they want in their lives.

A percentage of these men have gone on to sit with a circle of men in one of nearly 1,000 Men’s Peer Support Groups (Integration Groups), as we have grown across the USA, into Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia, French and German Speaking Europe and New Zealand. We continue to reach more men every year.

And it is impossible to say how many lives have been positively changed by interactions with a New Warrior. Marriages and relationships have gotten healthier and stronger, children have grown up with a Father willing to show his soft nurturing love as well as his firm and fair boundaries. Hundreds of businesses have been founded and run by men with a deep sense of integrity embodied in this work. And hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have been touched through men living out their personal missions of service.

Please help us reach our goal.

We now have a major opportunity to receive a $.50 on the $1.00 MATCHING DONATION up to $100,000 to help us meet our Fund the Plan Goal. This is the single largest donation ever to be offered to the ManKind Project – anyone can participate in the effort through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal Account to use this – any credit card is good!

Simply select the region closest to you and give. This is a major step. Please Help.

MKP Center

Why should you care?

Because this work makes a difference.


  • Because MKP gives hope to thousands of men, every week, and every weekend.
  • Because MKP is one of the only organizations in the world where the possibility of brotherhood across political, religious and social divides is bridged with unconditional love every week.
  • Because MKP provides a safe and conscious place for men to take on the tough transitions in their lives; education, marriage, work, divorce, parenting, business, relationships, retirement, aging and dying.
  • Because MKP shows the possibility of a new kind of man, a new kind of community, and a new kind of world to men who might otherwise live out their lives asleep.
  • Because MKP teaches the critical personal and interpersonal skills that we need to help peacefully resolve the complex and over-whelming cultural and societal challenges that face our world.
  • Because the women of the world deserve good men cheering them on and helping them succeed instead of getting in their way.

This is MKP. We are New Warriors.
We grow better men. We help create a safer world for all of us.

Please support our work by making a donation today to help us recreate our structure in the United States and prepare for a new era of evolution.

The men of MKP thank you.

Your grandsons are waiting. Your granddaughters are watching.

Learn more about the ‘Fund the Plan’ Effort by viewing the Donor Prospectus and Checking out our Progress!