MKP USA in Partnership with the Center for Creative Living


Practical, easy-to-integrate concepts and tools for a satisfying, enjoyable life… ​at any age, at any time, anywhere! The ManKind Project USA has partnered with the Center for Creative Living, founded by Patricia Clason. Clason’s success over four decades of curriculum development makes this highly accessible personal development offering a perfect entry-point for any man or woman. It’s an impact driven and pragmatic two day program.


Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to be happy, to get ahead, to feel satisfied?

You probably don’t know that human hard-wiring is designed to stay focused on the negative, to keep us safe and away from risk and danger. The result is that many people will stay in a known hell rather than risk an unknown heaven. Don’t let that be you! What helped to turn things around and set me off in the “right” direction again was getting back to the Basics.

There are in fact a few basic things that when you correctly practice and integrate them into your life, you’ll find that the highs get higher and the lows get higher, leading you to the satisfaction and aliveness that are the fabric of life. Those Basics come together in a two day workshop a set of tools, simple and easy-to-use, that IF you use them, will get you through the tough times and increase the joy and frequency of the good times. Best of all, these tools will never wear out! You’ll end up with a solid foundation under you AND you will have the tools for building a GREAT life on that foundation.

Learn the Basics of

How the brain works

Managing emotional flow
Creative self-expression


Duration: 7 Session Online Course
Location: Online 
Leadership: Professional Leadership
Pre-Requisites: None – Open to Men & Women


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“The 30 day email activities helped me look at my life differently in ways that I hadn’t perceived it before. Taking all of the course materials and staying with them helped me gain insights I hadn’t gotten after being involved with personal growth work for over twenty years.”
— Keith Heck