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Testimonial from DownUnder

I had the privilege last night of attending an I-group with a special friend that I have been supporting over a few months. The group is located at Bald Hills in Brisbane (Australia). Every week my friend comes home from I-group feeling happy and positive about his life, his life choices, and his future. After attending the group last night — I can see why. The love and support that was in the room was so amazing. I am a mother of four boys and knowing there is a group like this gives me much happiness. Knowing that if my boys ever need support they can attend MKP and receive it without judgment and with open arms, love and support. I want to say thank you to the bald hills group for giving me the privilege of being a part of their special group and trusting me to attend.

~ Michelle P 


Vol 1 Issue: 21 December 21, 2012 
Dear Greg,

The ManKind Project USA is helping men become the emotionally intelligent, compassionate and accountable role models that our communities so desperately need.
This is the final issue of the Check In Newsletter for Volume I. In January, we will start out with a fresh volume … Volume II. I am grateful for the outstanding work that I have seen New Warriors doing in the last year. 
I look forward to continuing to serve this powerful organization of heart open men.  
Boysen Hodgson
Communications & Marketing Director 

Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards 2012 Winners

Now in its 14th year, the ManKind Project announces the Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards. For the second year, the Awards ceremony will be presented ONLINE via live telesummit.

The Dates for the 2012 Ron Hering Award Ceremonies are March 5th & 6th. Additional Details will be announced as we get closer to the presentation.

Sam Luna, Founder Vets Journey Home, Texas

How much impact are these men making? We now have two Ron Hering Award Winners who have also been recognized as Presidential Champions of Change by the Obama administration. See the stories at the MenLivingMission.com web site.


THANK YOU! Please share the Check In! with others. The Check In! is the MKP USA Member Newsletter. If you want to see something in the Check In! – let me know,  communications@mkpusa.org
See you in the New Year!

Boysen Hodgson
Communications & Marketing Director 

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