A Culture of Healthy Manhood

A Culture of Healthy Manhood

Have the Conversation. Do you want to see a world where Manhood is celebrated as a nurturing and generative force? Do you want to be part of a living evolving culture where boys and girls are offered healthy, empowering, and liberating models of manhood and womanhood? Where the restrictive socialization of our collective past is replaced by the freedom of full expression. 

In order to have that world, we must be the men and women doing the work to build it. Men and women fully committed to healing ourselves and supporting each other in purpose-driven action. 

Supporting the ManKind Project USA through Membership is a step toward a healthier world. It’s an action you can take to help heal our families, communities, and our world. Invite men and women in your life to join you as a Member of MKP USA.

Membership is for everyone! Learn more. Membership comes with a number of perks, but the reason to join is to support healthy masculinity, supportive community, and a more loving and just world for all.

Latest from the MKP USA

MKP USA 2022 Annual Report

This year marks the 37th anniversary of the first weekend training that we now call the New Warrior Training Adventure.  I want to honor the men who have served as Chairman before me, those who walk at my side and the men who will follow. I also want to extend respect...

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Ron Hering Mission of Service Award Nominations for 2019

Ron Hering was one of the original founders of MKP and this award was established in his name to honour those among us who are living their missions through action in the world.

Contact your Area Steward to learn more about the Ron Hering Award Nomination process in your Area. 

Over 500 and Growing 

The Men’s Work: 3 wk. Course for men new to #menswork. It’s a 3 week program designed for men looking to make a change, learn the fundamentals of being in a men’s circle, and get connected. We’ve now shared the program with nearly 40  cohorts – with INCREDIBLE results! Over 19% of the men who join the Men’s Work Course sign up for the New Warrior Training Adventure.  Learn more about it. 

Support Services Updates

Information from the MKP USA Support Services Team – from Areas & Circles, Finance, Curriculum,  Marketing, Organizational Development, Equitable Community Initiative, and more. MKPConnect Login Required.

Featured Volunteer Opportunity

Want to help? Volunteer your time and talent. Featured Volunteer Opportunity: Community Engagement – Celebrate MKP Communities! Call all MKP USA Communities, verify their existence, update them on resources, and gather information about them and celebrate them in a short write up that is shared project-wide. Contact Dan Baldwin – community@mkpusa.org

MKP USA Support Meetings

You’re Invited. In a Role and need support? Want to connect with a society or get more involved? Monthly meetings open to New Warriors from across the country. Enrollment, Admins, Finance Coordinators, Community Coordinators and more.

Celebrating Our Success

ManKind Project Mention in GQ Magazine

ManKind Project Mention in GQ Magazine

In another notable triumph for the conversation about #menswork and men's groups, Evryman was featured in a recent GQ article, "My Time Inside a Group Where Men Confront Their Feelings." The article appeared in the GQ 'New Masculinity' issue and includes a mention of...

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See more celebration stories. Submit your inspirational story: celebration@mkpusa.org

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