This year marks the 37th anniversary of the first weekend training that we now call the New Warrior Training Adventure.  I want to honor the men who have served as Chairman before me, those who walk at my side and the men who will follow. I also want to extend respect to all of the hard working men and women that serve our organization on a daily basis.  It has been an honor and a privilege to be of service as the Chairman of this organization this year.

After COVID constrained our ability to do NWTAs, we returned to normal operations for a period of time and look to do so again this coming January.   Together with resuming normal operations and new program development, Indigenous Relations was a primary area of focus in 2022.  Along with this, our ongoing operations including new program development and more required our attention.  

New Program Development

We continue to build on the many programs that were developed during COVID.  Among the many programs we’ve been working on in 2022, I want to highlight the Door, the Path and Praxis.  

The Door

Because of the ongoing success of our Open Men’s Groups, the Men’s Work Introduction, and our other online offerings, we continue to see men engaging with MKP in more ways, and with more commitment … many before they chose to do the NWTA. The Door is a process to welcome men more fully into the circle as Brothers and to continue to grow our support and membership. 

The Path

In the first half of the year, a concerted effort to take the many courses in MKP and highlight clear paths for men to follow in their journey with us was developed.  You can read more about the Path at


Praxis is a long-term learning program being tested now as a place for men to apply Integral Theory and various typologies to their personal growth in a small group, ongoing structure. Praxis will be launching for MKP USA Members in 2023. 

Indigenous Relations

In the second half of 2022, MKP USA was honored to identify Board Member Richard Grehalva as the leader of this effort.   A Full Leader Emeritus, Richard brings an impressive mix of corporate, cultural and MKP experience to this role.  Currently, Richard is leading discussions with an external organization. MKP USA has evolved over time, and will continue to evolve, with respect and acknowledgement.  

Pan-Asian / Middle-Eastern Brotherhood – PAME

MKP USA is proud to celebrate the first PAME weekend in 2022.  The weekend, which focused on Pan Asian and Middle Eastern men, was completed in Chicago in August 2022.  MKP USA celebrates our Pan Asian and Middle Eastern brothers and looks forward to future PAME Weekends.

The Brothahood of MKP and Our Commitment to Inclusion

“The author had a lifelong disappointment with the lack of fairness and tolerance displayed to many faithful, honest and hard-working people.  How different our present World might be if they would have been granted opportunity or just not hindered.”  Here I Stand All Ragged and Dirty  Reginald W. Hansome Sr.  

MKP USA is pleased to anticipate the first upcoming Brothahood NWTA in May of 2023 in the South Central area.  With the approach of this landmark event, it is also a good time to review the 2015 and 2020 MKP USA Commitments.

Important strides have been taken to bring many of the commitments within these statements and the work of bringing forward equity and inclusivity is never done.


2022 was a challenging year. Conflicts within the organization and cancellation of weekends, resulted in a decrease in membership for the first time. However, as we move towards resolution on these issues many of the men that left are returning and are giving more than they had in the past. In 2023 we anticipate a return to growing membership support by the brotherhood.The new Path will also offer new opportunities to expand membership as the 1000’s of men who are sitting in circle, or have taken our online trainings will be encouraged to become brothers.       

Deepening Community 

In 2022, the 122 MKP USA communities faced the challenges of rebuilding after the pandemic. There were many opportunities for growth including the start of NWTA’s, increase in MKP inquiries from online trainings and marketing, and success of open men’s groups. Some communities developed community leader teams that embraced those opportunities. They created new community open men’s groups, inquiry responders, and new brother engagement teams. One thing is for sure, we have an abundance of men that are doing men’s work in MKP that have not done the NWTA. Most of them are eager to be part of a community. MKP Communities are creating new ways to care for and welcome these men. 

In addition, community growth and awareness led to many new initiatives, circles, and processes. Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Braver Angel’s Depolarizing Within workshops provided new tools to honor and celebrate difference in a way that maintains connection and community. The Circle of Men Training offers a way to birth new men’s groups on line. New Men’s Circles were formed based on like minded people including affinity groups, mission, and action groups.

Marketing and Systems

MKP USA will celebrate the 100th episode of the ManKind Podcast in the next two weeks, and we’re excited to keep offering a platform that is expanding our reach, and bringing wisdom and connection with a new audience. We have had some incredible conversations with authors, experts, and notable thinkers covering a huge spectrum of topics connected to men, manhood, diversity, connection, and the human condition. 

In the last year we’ve made significant changes and improvements to our Inquiry and Outreach process, integrating our systems to better communicate and connect with men just getting started on the journey. We are also working on the full rebuild and relaunch of MKP’s public facing and internal facing websites. 

The New Warrior Training Adventure and MKP USA Offerings

With our partial year of training this year, twenty-three NWTAs have been conducted in the Region with 594 New Brothers. 

We enjoyed a fourth consecutive year of over 1000 participants attending our trainings online. Our small team of Program Administrators have consistently kept all the wheels turning, and made significant improvements in how we manage all the programs and events we conduct. I’m also incredibly grateful to the dozens of Facilitators and program leaders who are essential to the success of all our programs, like the Men’s Work series, the Shadow Watcher, Unpacking Power, Privilege and Difference, and Intro to Conflict resolution … to name just a few. 

Our Financial Health

While MKP USA faces several challenges, our Finance Director, Deb Mauger, continues her careful oversight of MKP USA finances.  As we look back to the beginning of 2020, we had started the year after a financially successful 2019.  We offered NWTA’s and other trainings that resulted in a surplus for the Project in 2019 that positioned us for a financially successful 2020.  We started 2020 with positive energy and then were confronted with the novel coronavirus we now call Covid.  As you know, the Project ceased live trainings at the end of March 2020 due to our concern to keep men safe.  We began a major fundraising effort in response to the Covid crisis, and our men responded with tremendous generosity for which we are deeply grateful.  That generous giving, along with the development of online training and utilizing a PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan,  resulted in the Project having sufficient funds to operate until we began live trainings in 2022.   In mid 2022, our Finance Director forecast a small surplus for year end.  Then, as we know, we ceased NWTA’s in the fall due to safety considerations. Our Finance Director now forecasts a manageable financial loss for 2022.

Looking to 2023

As I look to 2023, I’m very pleased to work closely with our Chair Elect Lonnie Hamilton, the two women on our Board, Deb Mauger and Becky Schupbach, and all of our Board members.  The Board also consists of two indigenous men, two black men and two GBTQ men.  As Ed Gurowitz completes his term as Secretary, I want to acknowledge his service as well.  

It is a hero’s journey, and I’m proud to stand with you as we continue to evolve and grow as a brotherhood. 

And as always, I, and We, are deeply appreciative of the vision of our founders Rich Tosi, Bill Kauth, and Ron Hering.

I am honored and blessed to be your Chair during these interesting times,

Darryl Hansome