November 28, 2018
CONTACT: Boysen Hodgson, MKP USA Communications Director,

ManKind Project Launches New
Online Introductory Course: the Men’s Work.

The ManKind Project, a nonprofit men’s training and educational organization, has introduced a new online introductory peer-support course, ‘the Men’s Work.’ Since September 2018, over 70 men have attended and completed the course.  The Mens’ Work is intended to be a first step for men interested in The ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventures, NWTAs and men’s peer support groups.  

Boysen Hodgson, The ManKind Project’s Communications Director, says “This new model gives us the opportunity to reach exponentially more men and give them a feel for who we are and what we do.” When asked about the impact this new course for men’s personal development is having, Hodgson replied, “The feedback has been incredible.”

Carmil Surritt, one of the facilitators for the course sessions, had this to say, “These men come into the room on week one with no idea what’s gonna happen, not knowing any of the other guys. By the end of the third session, they’re connected … they’re supporting each other, and they’re already feeling more alive and on-fire in their lives!”

Feedback on ‘the Men’s Work.’

The 3-weeks Men’s Work has been a great eye opener in how neglecting certain areas of myself as a Man has negatively influence my decisions, thus my situation, in life. The 3 sessions and the weekly homework threw great insights, and listening to other men sharing had a profound effect on me. The facilitators are really genuine and caring.” Francisco (Spain)

“This gave me the opportunity to see that men all over the world face similar challenges and carry similar baggage that is keeping them from living the kind of powerful lives they would like to live. I now see that there are tools to help me to be the man I want to be, especially the fellowship of good, like-minded men.” Dave M. (Indiana)

The Men’s Work was a great introduction to the awesome responsibility and work we have as men, husbands, fathers, brothers etc. I’m more motivated now to attend a NWTA Weekend as well as connecting with a local The ManKind Project group. The wisdom gained from this experience was an understanding that crafting authentic mindfulness/awareness together as men is crucial to saving our world.” Anonymous

“Virtual men’s circles may just save the world…” Brett A.

What is The Men’s Work?

Each cohort (small group) consists of 12 to 14 men who work with two facilitators. They meet for three consecutive weeks via 90 minute live video calls. In addition, there are weekly resources and practices and a private Facebook group for participants and grads.

Man up. Join in The Men’s Work.

To join an upcoming group go to

Want to Help Facilitate The Men’s Work?

If you are an active member of The ManKind Project with experience leading men’s groups or PIT Trainings or have other MKP experience that you think qualifies you to help lead the Men’s Work groups please fill out an application. You will then be interviewed, and if selected, attend a course as a participant, co-facilitate with one of the core team, then join the team as a facilitator!