For over 30 years we’ve been helping men lead great lives, offering a growing catalog of training programs for men at every stage of personal and professional development. We are building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, powerful, and compassionate male role models that our communities so desperately need.

The most positive life-changing weekend experience we know of is the New Warrior Training Adventure, our flagship program. For many men, the New Warrior Training Adventure is the entry point to a life of personal  and community transformation.



For over 60,000 men – the Journey began here.

The NWTA is a modern male initiation and self-examination. It is a REAL TIME hero’s journey. It is the challenge of a lifetime for many men. It’s safe, supportive and cutting edge. It is NOT a retreat, a conference or a workshop. It is NOT like anything you’ve done before. Many men rank this among the most powerful experiences of their lives. The NWTA is a globally recognized and respected modern initiation experience for men. To date, in over 2,500 trainings, over 60,000 men have mastered this intense 48 hour experience. Every year, we conduct over 125 NWTAs, clocking close to 1,000,000 man hours of volunteer service. Why? Because we need wide awake men with strong community to help build a better world for all of us. 


Additional Offerings in the MKP USA Catalog

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Online Trainings & Programs

the Men’s Work – 3 Week Online Course

If you are just getting started on a path of personal development, the Men’s Work 3 Week LIVE Online Course was made for you. Designed to jump-start your self-understanding and provide what you’ll need to move forward. This 3 session course is low-cost, confidential, and facilitated by pairs of experienced facilitators. And once you’ve joined the course, you will have free regular access to ‘Alumni Check In’ calls hosted by our trained facilitators. Course curriculum includes essential skills for any man looking to ‘up his game’ in work, relationship, and family.

Audience: Men | Duration: 3x 90 minute sessions | Venue: Zoom Meetings
Learn more about the program.;

For NWTA Graduates

A select number of ManKind Project USA training centers offer “After the Adventure,” a one night online event to reflect, integrate, and connect after your hero’s journey is complete. Guided by men who staffed the weekend, this training is a space for New Brothers to debrief, anchor their experience, and to help them identify appropriate next steps for themselves in their lives and in the ManKind Project community. MKP is a lifelong community for thousands of men around the world. .  Learn more.

Peer-Facilitated Support Groups

The ManKind Project supports a number of different types of men’s peer facilitated support groups.

Open Men’s Groups / Men’s Circles

An Open Men’s Group is for every man. Free, Confidential, ManKind Project Facilitated groups for men on the awakening path of personal growth. Get support for every aspect of your life in a brotherhood of like-minded men. Our men’s groups help men find and nurture a healthy, powerful and positive masculinity through the daily transitions of modern life.

Integration Groups – I-Groups

Called “Integration Groups” or “I-Groups”, our flagship men’s circles are designed to help men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure integrate tools and processes discovered on that transformational journey. I-Groups help men deepen skills for peer-facilitation, self-awareness and responsibility, listening, emotional intelligence, goal achievement, and healthy boundary setting. MKP USA serves a growing network of nearly 700 peer support groups meeting weekly or biweekly, serving close to 7,000 men. Today, many of these groups welcome visitors on a regular basis.

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Facilitation Training

Primary Integration Training (PIT)

Primary Integration Training, “The PIT” is an 8-10 week or 2 day facilitated curriculum for men who have completed the NWTA to learn and practice a variety of skills for effective I-Group participation. PIT Trainings are sponsored by local areas across the country. Check local websites and email lists for opportunities. Click here for any dates and locations listed on MKPConnect (Login Required).

I-Group Facilitator Training (IGFT)

The IGFT is an advanced training for facilitating highly effective men’s support groups. It is a 2 day curriculum that deepens and expands on the material taught in the Primary Integration Training, offering men additional tools and practices for creating safe and effective spaces for personal development work. Click here to learn more about the IGFT.

Leadership Training

Staff Training 1 – ST1

Dissecting the flow and processes of the New Warrior Training Adventure, men take a deeper look at the archetypes at the heart of our work. Required before 4th New Warrior Training Adventure staffing. Learn more about this training. OR Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Staff Training 2 – ST2

A deeper examination of the central personal process work on the New Warrior Training Adventure. Multicultural training on racism. Learn more about this training OR Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Leader Training 1 –LT1

Learning to lead groups and build strong teams with positive interpersonal relationships. Multicultural awareness training on heterosexism. Seven week follow-up training. Learn more about this training OR Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Leader Training 2 – LT2

Holding and handling the burden of leadership. Multicultural training on classism / elitism. ‘Whatever it Takes’ follow-up group. Learn more about this training OR Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Leader Training 3 – LT3

Examining the predator and victim within us as leaders. Creating safety. Multicultural training on sexism. Seven week integration training. Learn more about this training OR Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Online Trainings for Men

MKP USA Online Trainings offers these transformational courses for all men interested in personal growth.

Man on Purpose Course – MOP

A 7-week course designed specifically for men to more deeply explore, discover and claim their purpose and move through resistance to transform their lives and take action in the world. This course was last offered in fall 2016 – and is being redeveloped as a self-directed program.
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Partner Trainings for Men

MKP USA has partnered with these organizations to offer transformational courses for men to continue their growth.

Animas Valley Institute

The Animas Valley Institute offers deeply soulful programs based on the work and writings of Bill Plotkin. The offerings listed on this page, some of their most profound experiential immersions, are also the most popular “entry points” for those with no prior experience with Soulcraft™ practices or the work of Animas Valley Institute. MKP USA is proud to offer three different Animas Valley programs: Wild Mind for Warriors, Soulcraft Intensive, and the Animas Quest. Click here to learn more about their offerings here.

COR Experience: The Noble Man Training

The ManKind Project USA has partnered with the COR Experience organization to offer men a chance to experience soul work in a container staffed by men and women. New Warriors have reported a deep resonance with the work they have begun on their New Warrior Training Adventure being enhanced by the Noble Man experience. Click here to learn more about COR and the Noble Man.


All men and women are invited to attend our world-class meditation and multicultural trainings. In addition we have created a series of online classes and partnerships open to everyone. Click on the classes below to learn more.


Three Day Integral Mondo Zen Retreat

Integral Mondo Zen retreats are a rare combination of deep meditative practice, transformative process, rigorous intellectual exploration and sacred ritual, led by men and women with a powerful commitment to the betterment of all beings. Click here to learn more.

Intercultural / Multicultural

Isms & Issues Training – I&I

A highly adaptable multicultural training routinely offered to men and women across the USA. This training is regularly customized to address specific issues at the request of local communities; including racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ageism, and others. Learn more about this training. OR Click here for dates and locations (Login Required).

Introduction to Multicultural Leadership

This 2.5-day workshop is an advanced training which has provided applied consultation for executives, managers, team leaders, consultants, educators, clergy, board members and others who are called upon to lead a group through the exploration of differences. Learn more about this training. OR Click here for dates and locations.

Online Programs for Men & Women

MKP USA Online Trainings offers transformational courses and events online for both men and women.

Power of Purpose Summit – Purpose Expert Series

Learn from some of the world’s foremost experts in purpose. Discover your purpose. Ignite a new source of creativity & passion. Become a force for good. The ManKind Project brought together over 3 dozen expert speakers on living a life of Purpose, Insight and Action. This series is available for instant digital download and includes audio and video interviews. Click here to check out the Power of Purpose.

The RISC Course – Relationship, Intimacy, Sex, Communication

A 7-week course for couples and singles to transform their relationship struggles into fuel for extraordinary love, passion and intimacy by addressing 4 key pillars of relationships. Join relationship experts Sonika Tinker and Christian Pedersen (an incredible dynamic duo!) for this self-directed deep dive into relationship transformation. Click here to learn more about the course. Want a taste of what it’s all about? Get instant access to our FREE eBook, the 3 Relationship Destroyers.

EPIC Leadership from Griggs Leadership

In partnership with Griggs Leadership, the EPIC Leadership Course is a 16 week deep dive into the problems, pains, and possibilities for nonprofit leaders and teams in today’s challenging environment. EPIC Leadership teaches

  • 16 powerful new leadership skills
  • 16 stressors eliminated
  • 16 priority organizational results

Learn more about Epic Leadership.

Successful Living Basic Training

The Successful Living Basic Training is a powerful online entry-level personal development course created by Patricia Clason and the Center for Creative Living. In this seven module self-directed course, you will get a powerful foundation of tools and learnings to embark on a journey of personal success. Clason has been designing and hosting transformative programs for over three decades. The Successful Living Basic Training covers a broad set of topics, harnessing cutting edge research and practices proven effective to empower individuals for living more full and rich lives. Click here to learn more about the Successful Living Basic Training.

Partner Trainings for Men & Women

MKP USA has partnered with these organizations to offer transformational courses for men and women’s growth.

A Couples Weekend

Created by Rich Tosi, co-founder of the ManKind Project and Char Tosi, his partner of over 40 years. The Couples Weekend is now offered across the USA and around the world, lead by a select group of experienced facilitation teams, as a place for committed couples of all orientations to heal, empower, and grow their relationships. The Couples Weekend focuses on learning, listening, and connecting with deep intimacy. The skills taught at New Warrior & Women Within trainings primarily focus on your personal empowerment. Using these skills with your partner may not always work. You will learn the skills and tools specifically designed to deepen and enrich your relationship. (Attending a NWTA or Women Within training is not required to attend a Couples Weekend) Click here to learn more about the Couples Weekend.

Next Step Training

The Next Step Training was created by a small group including Bill Wich – a Full Leader Emeritus in the ManKind Project. The training is open to men and women who regularly participate in peer-support circles such as I-Groups and E-Circles in which peer-facilitated processes occur, and designed to take our journey of initiation to a next level of conscious connection and mission in the outside world.   Click here to learn more about the Next Step Training.

Gender Equity and Reconciliation

Gender equity and reconciliation recognizes the profound wound in the human family constellated around cultural conditioning relating to gender, sexuality, and relational intimacy. The ‘gender wound’ is manifest in myriad forms in virtually every society across the planet. Click here to learn more about Gender Reconciliation Intensives here.