The ManKind Project USA grieves with our Asian Brothers and Sisters. We condemn the hateful treatment and killing of AAPI people (Asian American Pacific Islander) of all ages and genders. 

Objectification and dehumanization are the ground in which the seeds for events like that which occurred in Georgia on March 16, 2021 are sown. 

No child is born with this hatred. Beliefs and behaviors of supremacy, dominance, violence, racism, and misogyny are learned. This includes the racialized sexualization and dehumanization of AAPI women and girls.

Men perpetrate the vast majority of deadly violence. It does not arise in a vacuum, but in systems that reinforce, fuel, and even celebrate it.  

We have a moral responsibility to end it. 

We continue to commit our efforts and strength to healing the fractured hearts and minds of men that can lead to such violent acts. 

We commit to doing all we can to change the pervasive dehumanizing socialization of boys and men that we see resulting in men’s violence toward girls and women, trans and non-binary people, other men, and themselves.

We affirm the empathy, compassion, integrity, kindness, and love that can be the birthright of every person. Every person should have access to the full range of human emotion, and a culture that nurtures healthy expression, peace, and equality. 

Together, may we build a just, compassionate, and accountable future for all. 

MKP USA Chairs 

Bryan Harold – Chair
Darryl Hansome – Chair Elect

If you are able, please make a donation to support the Asian American community in Atlanta.