August 30, 2017

For the past four days, the people of Houston and a large surrounding area of the great state of Texas are battling the heaviest precipitation and flooding in the history of the United States. The scope of the devastation is unknowable. In the days, weeks, and years to come, we will grieve, support and serve beside those whose lives have been changed forever.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all Texans impacted by this tragedy, with those who have lost homes and livelihoods, with families who have lost loved ones, and with those who have died. We are with our New Warrior Brothers, their families and loved ones. We know many who are safe, we know some who have lost much. We know many men and women who are bravely stepping up to serve in a time of need, using their heads, hearts, and hands.

We honor those who are living their missions of service in the midst of catastrophe. Our brothers and sisters who are preparing hundreds of servings of food for first responders and people in need, those who are leaving their homes to help others, to be in the water where they are needed.

I believe they deserve our greatest respect and recognition.

They have mine.

Please step up in your way to help.

Blessings to all.
José A. Mondelo
ManKind Project USA Chairman


Go in Mission. Go in Service.

Here are a few stories we’ve seen from New Warriors on the ground in Texas. Blessings to all. May all who are suffering have support.

Feeding the Displaced

Richard Torres and Martin Lassoff have been busy as volunteers helping to feed those displaced by the flooding at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. They have prepared and served thousands of sandwiches and hundreds of pounds of pasta to those in need who are being sheltered. Both have praised the incredible volunteer effort at GRB.

New Warrior Brett Harmeling (below) and Martin Lassoff have also taken to the streets in a well-outfitted Jeep to help rescue stranded folks in flooded neighborhoods as agents of the Harris County Attorney’s Office.

Thank you men for your powerful service!

George R Brown Relief Center Web Site.

From Brett: God puts his strongest Warriors through the toughest battles, so come hell or high water we will make it through this together. I’m using the tools and resources I have to make the biggest impact I possibly can with a Harris County Attorney officer as my co-pilot and these positive, strong, loving officers that have the inside on where my help is needed most. I’ve been able to save 47 people as of now, with thousands still waiting to be rescued. Stay strong and keep it up y’all!

Christopher Wesolick – When you’re down – help: At the time he wrote this – Chris had been told that he had lost everything. He learned this morning that his apartment was not flooded.

“Today is one I’ll never forget. I saw Service Men and Women put themselves in harm’s way to proudly serve and citizens become heroes in a heartbeat. All for people they’ve never met before and probably won’t ever see again. And they did it because they knew it should be done. People needed help. I offered a bottle of water to an elderly woman in a wheelchair, who’d just been rescued by a boat with nowhere to go. She lit up when I did. She told me that she hadn’t been able to take her medicine because she didn’t have anything left to drink where they were stranded… All I did was offer a bottle of water and I became her hero in that moment. If you’re reading this and you’re fortunate enough to have stayed safe and dry, please go out and find someone to help. You won’t have to look far and you don’t have to do much. The littlest things will go miles right now.” 

Man of Service … Carry Water

(via David Davis) John Vanherpen, his boat and bounty headed to Houston. Kudos to the NTX ManKind Project community for donating money, cases of water, food & clothing all within 18 hours. Go in mission, go in service. Big blessings!! 


From John – Aug 30 – Good Morning!! A brief update… Spent a good share of the day yesterday running around looking to help flood victims. The paradox of that is that I couldn’t get to most of the places where help was needed because, well, they were flooded. I registered at fire stations, ran around in caravans of other boaters. LOTS of flooding everywhere. I spent several hours working in a shelter, dropped of donations of food and water, put up beds, swept floors comforted adults and did my “Barney” impersonation and sang a few songs with some kids.

I got a Texas search and rescue app in the afternoon and finally got the boat wet. Ended up helping after dark clearing an apartment complex over by Conroe Got in and went to bed around 2AM. Heading out again after some breakfast this morning.

THANK YOU TO ALL that have donated, prayed, supported in ways I don’t even know of. Your help will help many people in one way or another. It is very appreciated.!!! You can make direct donations to support John’s efforts Paypal:


Support Relief Efforts

Make a donation to one of the many organizations on the ground in Houston. 
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