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November 29, 2010

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Warrior Brothers:

Want to know what was cool about being a New Warrior today?

Well… let’s start with all of you!

Today, the F-15 hit the phones hard for about 9 hours.  New Warriors from our Center and across the USA opened their hearts and wallets in support of our organization in a big way.   We raised a bunch of money today and tomorrow we get to do it all over again.

What’s cool about doing this, is our getting to connect with so many men through this process.  New Warriors calling New Warriors.  I cannot tell you how many times the F-15 received blessing from you men.  Can you imagine being thanked by the person you just called to ask for a donation!

It didn’t matter if the New Warrior had money to give, or if they gave $10, $100 or $10,000… you men thanked us for our service.  We were honored for taking care of what needed to do done and that by itself made our hard work powerful and rewarding.

Every 90 minutes the we took a short break.

We circled up and checked -in

Carl Griesser wrote the new tally on the board (Just like Jerry Lewis on Labor Day)

Then George Daranyi invited us to share “our victories”

Want to take a guess which “victories” ended up being coolest?   The stories that inspired us and keep us grounded were often ones with the smallest dollar amount!  In fact, stories where no money changed hands ended up being the most amazing… connections between two New Warriors supporting each other by just being on the other end of a random phone call.  That is what is cool about being a New Warrior.

So tomorrow is Sunday and we all get one more chance to make a difference.  My invitation is to keep sending positive energy to the F-15.

If you were able to give send us money and/or good wishes then take a bow and a “job well done”.  If you have yet to hear from one of us then you can call me directly (516.982.0571) or email me how best to reach you and I will have one of the members of the F-15 call you back.

If you are able to make a contribution directly, it will give us more time to reach more men.  Just go and click on the “donate to the Chairman Campaign”.

Today was a great day to be a New Warrior.

Tomorrow will be a long day… 12pm to 12am.

My sense is tomorrow will be even better.

In humility and service

Uncle big-hk

Standing Bear Dancing with Wolves



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