On Saturday December 6, 2014, the MKP USA Council and Board met in a virtual session to hear the final Chairman’s Report of 2014, to bless men completing their service on the Council and Board, and to elect new Board Members for the 2015-2016 MKP USA Board.

Robert Powell, the current Chairman of MKP USA presented his Annual Report to the Membership. In summary, MKP USA continues on an exciting path of evolution into 2015, with incredible possibilities and incredible accomplishments to mark the year. You are invited to read the Chairman’s Report by clicking here.

A number of men who have served on the Board over the last year or more completed their service, and the Council recognized these men. Among those stepping down from current Board positions; Schuyler Cunningham, Jon Levitt, Rick Morgenstern, Jonathan King, Ballard Pritchett, and Dick Goldberg. Council members stepping down were Jim Howard, Dan McKee, Morgan Toane, Glenn Barker, Jim Boswell, and Clif Weldon. Also stepping down from service to the Board is Crittenden Freeman who has served as the recording secretary for the past two years.

It is because of men who step up for positions of leadership and give-away at every level of the organization that the ManKind Project USA continues to evolve and gain wider recognition and respect as a premier platform for men’s personal growth.

The Council Elected:

  • Chair: Robert Powell
  • Chair Elect: Julian Devereux
  • Treasurer: Russell Kramp
  • Secretary: Bob Oser
  • At Large Board Members: Jan Hutchins, Matt Kelly, Jon Levitt, and Rick Morgenstern

The MKP USA Council also welcomed new representatives from two MKP societies: Elder Rep Jim Fannon, and Young Warrior Council Rep Chris Geyer. The North American Leader Body will elect a new representative in January.

Board and Council Meetings of the ManKind Project USA are open to all New Warriors as guests. You are invited to participate in the future of MKP USA. Information on attending the Board and Council meeting is available here.