by Paul Samuelson

I am happy and excited to announce that Richard Torres will be moving into a new role within MKP USA Support Services effective April 1, 2019. Richard will be leaving his present position of Area Administrator for the South Central Area, where he has done an excellent job over the past five years.

Richard will be moving into a position where he will be involved with work in Organizational Development and MKP USA Administration. In Org Dev, one thing he will be involved in is Charitable Registration and Disclosures. His Membership involvement will be with lifetime membership, involvement with the New Brother Engagement team and champion of Area Membership Campaigns. In addition, he will be a champion around Facebook giving and other assigned projects. 

In Area Administration, Richard will identify and train administrative volunteers and contractors as well as work with areas on best practices opportunities. In addition, he will support enrollment and assist in developing improved systems for admin efficiency. He will also work on national event administration and general event administration. 

The next time you see Richard, congratulate him on his job enrichment and support his new endeavors which will be very beneficial to the financial well being of the organization and the efficient operation of MKP USA. 

Richard Torres, Tracking Snow Lynx, completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in November 2007. He is an Certified NWTA Co-Leader with 47 NWTA staffings, and is actively involved in support of expansion of the ManKind Project in Central and South America. His mission is “I create a world of love and compassion by being open, honest and fair.” Richard is also a well-respected chef and a dedicated care-taker at Land of My Grandfathers in the South Central Area.